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Major Programmes

Physics and Green Energy

The BSc (Hons) in Physics and Green Energy Programme aims to prepare students for a career in Physics and/or in the Energy sector that involves applications of scientific principles and technology. Concentration options in "Applied Physics" and "Energy Management and Technology" are available. In addition to the university-wide whole person education, upon completion of this study programme, students will be able to:

Apply fundamental principles in physics including mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and quantum physics;

Use skills and knowledge acquired from experimental, theoretical, and computational courses;

Build future careers or pursue further studies by specializing in Applied Physics and/or Energy Management and Technology;

Analyse and solve real-world physics and energy problems;

Identify the key questions, plan the investigation, and present the scientific results through independent projects and team work.

Faculty Advising Coordinator
The Faculty Advising Coordinator assumes overall responsibility for coordinating all academic advising/mentoring activities in the Faculty, and to work closely with Academic Advisors and Mentors at all levels to take care of students' development during their studies.

Prof Yuen Pong Chi, Associate Dean of Science

Science Faculty Counsellor
Together with other supporting units of the University, to provide guidance and support to Year 1 students on situations not directly related to academic issues such as adjustment to University life and other personal difficulties.

Prof Albert Lee

Academic Advisor
Each programme/concentration has an academic advisor to provide guidance to Year 1 students who are interested to study his/her programme, to provide information on relevant courses such as study schedule, course selection and to advise students on any academic issues.

Dr Jack Ng

The mentor will meet with the student regularly to provide a friendly and supportive environment so that students can approach the mentor for advice on personal, social and/or other problems, if necessary.

Programme Director: Prof S K So

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