JS2510 Bachelor of Science (For 2019/20 Year 1 Students)

Academic Advisors

Department Programme/Concentration Academic Advisor
Biology Applied Biology - concentration in Biotechnology Prof Xia Yiji
Applied Biology - concentration in Environmental Science Dr Jill M Y Chiu
Bioresource and Agricultural Science Prof Xiong Liming
Chemistry Analytical and Testing Sciences Dr Li Hung Wing
Chemistry Dr Ken C F Leung
Computer Science Computer Science - concentration in Computing and Software Technologies Dr Feng Jian
Computer Science - concentration in Information Systems and Analytics Dr Fion S L Lee
Computer Science - concentration in Data and Media Communication Dr Chen Li
Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics Prof Chiu Sung Nok
Physics Physics and Green Energy - concentration in Applied Physics Dr Tian Liang
Physics and Green Energy - concentration in Energy Management and Technology Dr Shi Jue