JS2510 Bachelor of Science (Hons) (For 2022/23 Year 1 Students)

Getting Advice


Student will be assigned a staff member as Mentor. Students are required to indicate their preferred mentor department using the Mentor Indication System in September.

  1. To advise the student on matters relating to his/her academic programme and monitor his/her overall progress in the programme.
  2. To advise the student on personal, social and/or other problems which may arise. When necessary, refer problems to other channels such as the Chaplain, Counsellor, Director of Student Affairs, Head of Career Section and Head of Counselling and Development Section, etc.
  3. To guide the student in his/her job search and placement.
  4. To keep in contact with the student after his/her graduation in order to monitor his/her progress and receive evaluation and feedback regarding the programme.

Faculty Advising Coordinator

The Faculty Advising Coordinator assumes overall responsibility for coordinating all academic advising/mentoring activities in the Faculty, and to work closely with Academic Advisors and Mentors to take care of students' development during their studies.

Prof Yuen Pong Chi, Associate Dean of Science (Teaching and Learning)

Academic Advisors

Each programme/concentration has an academic advisor.

  1. To conduct briefing session to students of programme(s) during the orientation session of Science Faculty.
  2. To provide guidance to Year 1 students who are interested to study his/her programme.
  3. To provide information on relevant courses such as study schedule and course selection.
  4. To advise students on any academic issues.

Submission of Study Plan to AR

If you are required to submit a study plan to the Academic Registry, please follow procedures below:

Remark: If you want to request a consultation meeting on your study plan with the Assistant Dean (Student Learning Experience), please send your request by email to sci@hkbu.edu.hk.